HP Laptop And Their Battery Replacement

hp battery replacement

Batteries in hp laptop are known to last hours so that you can do your office work or complete college assignments without any interruptions. However, no matter how efficient a battery is, it is bound to lose its capacity over time with excessive use and once that happens, then the only option you have is hp laptop battery replacement. Batteries come in various sizes in terms of their capacity and the material they are made of and therefore the amount of time it will last varies. The best way to find out if you are having troubles with battery is to check it with the tool. This tool helps you to check if the battery is alright or is to be replaced. There are two way of checking this: the first one is through the hardware diagnostic and the second way of checking your battery is through support assistant.

Check battery before replacing it

Hp laptop battery replacement is a simple process, but nothing can compare an original battery. So in order to know if there is a problem with your battery and you have to replace it, here is what you need to do. Hp is known for having diagnostic software’s in its devices and therefore you can use it to check the status of the battery. For this you turn on your laptop and in the search bar enter hardware diagnostic. And then allow it to run as the administrator. Then go to the main menu and select the components, in that list click on power.

There is an option of battery check, you click on that and wait while the system is checking your battery. This might take a couple of minutes but is worth spending money on hp laptop battery replacement and later finding out that your batter was fine. Then go to the test log and view the results, which will clearly state the condition of your laptop’s battery as failed or success. If it shows your batteries status as failed, then you will have to get a new one, and if it is success, then you will have to see what else is causing performance issues.

Hp laptop battery and support assistant

Each laptop is different and so is its battery, in order to know which battery would suit your laptop you have to know the product number. In case you know it great, but if you don’t, you will have to contact support assistant to find out details about your product. To do this, you have to search support assistant in windows and open it, there you will see the details of your laptop such as its model, product number and other things. Once you have this information, you can know order a new battery for your hp laptop battery replacement. You can shop for new battery at the hp store and if it is not available there, then the next best option is to shop it from Battery Expert in Australia.